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Engagement Rings

We specialise in creating individually handcrafted Engagement rings that is designed to your specifications.

Fitted Wedding Bands

Now that you have your Engagement ring, sometimes it’s hard to find a wedder that will sit flush next to it or match the design. We can help you create a wedder or band that will fit against it and will also match the profile of your Engagement ring to make it look like a set piece you purchased together.


We repair all types of jewellery. We recommend bringing the piece in so we can examine it closer to give you the right advice and what's the best action to take. This way we can quote you properly then you can decide freely if you would like to go ahead or not.


Jewellery that you no longer wear or like and would like to change the appearance, we can help you re-create that piece into something more of your ideal design.

Ring Resize

If your ring is starting to feel too tight, loose or maybe just doesn’t fit at all. We can measure your finger to make sure your ring will fit nicely and comfortably.


We can help you restore that special piece as close as we can to its former glory.

Rhodium Plating

Sometimes you will notice on your white gold jewellery a slight yellowish tinged. This means that the rhodium is starting to wear thin or has completely worn off. You will normally notice this where it has direct contact with another surface, for example the bottom of your ring. This is from grabbing things like handrails or steering wheel while driving.

When we rhodium plate, we don’t just re dip it, we actually emery the old rhodium off and give the whole piece a proper clean and polish before re applying the rhodium.

Professional clean and polish

We can help you fall in love with your jewellery again the same feeling that you had when you were given or first purchased it. Or maybe there’s a piece of jewellery that you no longer wear and would like to hand it down to a love one. We can make it sparkle and bring it back to life again.

Handcrafted to perfection.

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